About Us

Our whole life revolves around film. We're just movie fans. We like to go to the cinema, watch movies and collect movie figures and props. We also like to travel to movie locations and attend Comic Con.

Since about 2017, we have been collecting films and series on physical discs, mainly on UHD and BluRay. Gradually, we also collected some DVDs, because we couldn't find the given film on BluRay and we just wanted to have it. We took notes on the entire collection of physical disks in Excel. Over time, it wasn't enough for us to know that we had the film, but to attribute the price, where we bought it, and other information.

During these years of collecting films, we have learned a lot about publishing films and we have also come across the possibility of buying films with our dubbing (Czech) abroad as well. We started to deal more with it and also on Instagram to give advice to other fans, help with shopping and give interesting tips for shopping both here in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Finally, in August 2023, we decided to transfer our knowledge and our Excel into a mobile application and make it all available to other fans. After a few months, what you can now download or view on the web was created. In addition to the application for storing one's own collection, an international database of film discs was created, in which it is possible to search, filter and sort according to specified criteria.

Without Ads and for Free

Although today the Internet is full of advertising, we decided to go the opposite way and show that it is possible in another way and that is without ads! We've gone even further and released the app completely free of charge.

The whole application is just our hobby, but we approach it as a big project and try to involve as many publishers, e-shops, communities and other countries around the world as possible.

Even though the application is free, we will be happy for any support and help. Whether help with information, translations or contacting studios and e-shops.

Creating a Community

We are trying to create a community of film fans and especially disc collectors. The community contributes in several ways:

  • Expands and edits the disk database
  • Creates the TMDB database (which we using)
  • It helps with translations of the application into other languages
  • Discusses new and existing features
  • Writes reviews of films and series
  • It helps with promotion and advertising

Besides the interest in creating a suitable app to filter your own collection, we mainly wanted to promote collecting and publishing physical media and show that it's not dead yet!